Antonio Durán

Business Support Manager

   After a year working with a&m Portugal, we have considerably improved our DSO in more than 90 days. a&m's support, contacts and work are essential. 

  I absolutely recommend them

Pedro Luis Fernández

CFO Spain, Portugal and Greece

Over my experience with multiple pharma corporations, a&m has allowed us to establish an efficient and effective cash flow management. Their high level of expertise combined with their permanent contact with the end customer in order to solve any issue is highly difficult to assume internally.

The DSO improvement is more than enough to justify the investment

Pablo Escrig

Chief Financial Officer

 Biomet's collaboration with a&m was very effective, as we were able to quantify its positive impact on the Income and Balance Sheet, as well as on the decrease of the Write Off, the DSO and the invoice related issues. In addition, our teams' interaction resulted in an increase of our know-how and expertise, which contributed to the long-term improvement in Biomet's performance

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